Supreme Leader's Lifeline
This nasty Owl needs to be taught some lessons!
(upcoming features/ changelog)

  • 01.01.2018GENERATORG's birthdate!

  • 23.01.2018The day we hired some nannies to educate him.

  • 28.01.2018Started to learn about how to handle emails.

  • 05.02.2018Now he knows how to properly connect to a cPanel Server.

    He learned how to create email addresses, forwarders and manage quota. Of course you'll get the perks of playing in the backend with this kind of stuff.
  • 08.02.2018This is the day he learned how to show-off!

    Not a big deal, but now you can give your users frontend access to create email addresses, change password or add a forwarder. Don't worry, unwanted pigeons are being taken care of with Google reCAPTCHA technology. Also there's a password strength bar which will show you how good is your choice and don't worry, you'll find some guidelines too!
  • 14.02.2018This is the day he learned how to show-off!

    We all know that some people out there tend to say they never subscribed or registered to your website. GENERATORG learned how to automatically allocate to each user a digital signature upon registration, which can serve as proof, by complying to the terms, conditions or whatever you call them. You'll find the signatures in the Users Table along with other stuff he chooses to display.
  • 18.02.2018Custom CSS and JS for everyone!

    Sometimes you'd like to graphically play with the website's frontend interface. With a bit of tutorials you'll find on the web, you'll be able to custom modify buttons, headings, any type of texts and many more. Beside this you can enter tracking codes or load CSS stylesheets. We know it sounds a bit complicated, but if you like to do stuff on your own, then you'll enjoy this!